Three major experiences during my 2-years of journey into business:

Lesson 1: Be Yourself

As far as I know of this proverb first told by my teacher, Sir! Mian Imran when I was doing matriculation from CCH, I was misunderstood by then what it means, but after the long 7 years I really came to know what it means. What it means to me, I want to share so that the lesson I learned after 7 years one may not be making the same mistake that I have made.

Do whatever you want to know without hearing the people opinion, what you should do or not

and one day you will come to know that “YOU” are right even if you are wrong you learnt something new from it.

We can’t learn anything without making mistakes that’s the first thing one should keep in mind because only then you know how you can handle the things in the worst situation.

Lesson 2: Not as open-minded as we thing we are:

Everybody around us think of themselves as they are only the open-minded people one in the community is right about everything and doing favors as nobody does.
These types of people are very sweet but their heart is full of dark. It takes me 2 years to judge these types of people because they stab you from the back without knowing that to whom they are attacking already know these thinks but manipulated things in such a way that you fall for their words. I want to just add theses nine words for the people who want to indulge with these type of persons,

Just, listen to them but not act upon it

because they want to let people divert form their path because they think as they are your competitors not buddies unless or until they get their benefit from it.

Lesson 3: Do a part of favor for free but not fully

Being in a society of this so called “Muslims”, we believe if we do some favor it will regards us in some way but we as a whole experience the opposite. The people who do the favor thinks of it as they are the fools of the society. Everybody is doing something for its own good without knowing how much intensity of loss they are putting on the people who has done favor, I want to give one suggestion for the people who want to do something good for the society,


and that’s true because its true in most cases. If someone is giving you a favor he/she has some interest in it as well absolutely.

An Advice!

For starting business

One thing I want to suggest for the persons who want to do any type of business in any field.

Fulfill your dreams without letting the people degrade you and second make relations & build trust

that’s the things make you progress in no time because in Pakistan people only trust you when know them. And never loose heart by the people who don’t know about your field because you are driver of your destiny not other if they like or love where you are going than let them aboard otherwise leave them on the road because they are just the other people who just criticize others.


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