The Importance of Code Review.

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The Importance of Code Review.

Nowadays, software developers have to deal with both complexities of modern software and customers’ desire to keep up with rapidly changing market demands. An enterprise-wide software solution that includes multiple functional modules requires much time and effort for scrupulous testing. It’s essential to ensure that each module works as planned and that different parts of the system can communicate seamlessly. On the other hand, the customer can change the vision of the project during the development process, which will require making some rapid changes.

There are dozens of different ways developers can deal with all these issues. Incremental approaches to software development, such as Scrum, for example, enable flexibility that helps to change the course of things with no substantial time losses and keep the customer satisfied. Likewise, a plethora of testing techniques to choose from allows reducing the probability of bugs appearing to the minimum. But it’s always good to have an extra ace up your sleeve. Today, we’ll learn about a slightly less obvious way of ensuring the software product quality than SDLC methodologies or testing activities. Of course, we’re talking about code review

You Check My Code And I’ll Check Yours

The process of code review is relatively simple to implement, but its significance shouldn’t be underestimated. During the code review process, programmers check code written by their colleagues to find errors or inconsistencies. As you probably have guessed, this situation is most common for cases when a senior developer reviews the code of a less experienced programmer to ensure that lack of expertise won’t harm the project in the future. But code review is not always a means of compensating for the experience gap. We’re all human beings, and even developers with years and years of experience may sometimes produce not the best possible code.

One of the essential features of software development is that the project can last for months and years. All kinds of changes can happen along the way. For example, new programmers may come to the team, and old ones may leave it. In such cases, it’ll be helpful if the code is easy-to-read so that new developers won’t get stuck trying to understand what a particular line of code is supposed to do. Due to this and many other reasons, code review is one of the essential tests that every developer should run during the development process

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