About us

Who We Are

Digit is pronounced as the Dig-IT. The software house, establishing under the slogan

Innovating the Future,

Empowering the local as well as the foreign community to solve their problem digitally. As IT (Information Technology) is the study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending information so we provide best solutions to our clients/customers in order to get more profit from their business by digging (retrieving) in to the digits of their business strategy and help them grow (sending information) their business.

Our Mission

Help the local community to run their business more smoothly and transparent by providing them the cheap and secure e-solutions.

Our Vision

To be recognized as best I.T. Company in Pakistan among the Muslim world.


Customer Centric

We interact with our customer-including consumers &stakeholders with utmost respect, meeting their needs & exceeding their expectations

Integrity / Ethics

We demand of ourselves & each other the highest standards of individual & corporate integrity, vigorously complying with all company policies, laws of the land & protecting company assets.


Together we are greater than the sum of our talents. We perform as a cohesive team while serving individual roles that maximizes our abilities & contribution to our common goals.


This starts with our commitment to excellence – to continuously expand our expertise & hone our processes in ways that improve the customer experience in terms of total quality.

Initiative & Commitment

We aspire to make things happen. We are committed to excellence & strive to add value into everything we do.

Social Responsibility

We operate within a community-development ethos ,health, education, safety & environment culture, with our eyes set on contributing towards making the society a better place to live in.


We continually strive to improve our services, products & processes through pioneering & innovative solutions further honed by need, learning & creativity.