Company Profile

DIGIT is pronounced as Dig-IT. The I.T. Company established under the slogan,

“Innovating the Future”

Empowering the Local as well as international community to solve their problem digitally. As I.T. (Information Technology) is the study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending information so, we provide best solutions to our clients/customers in order to get more profit from their business by digging (retrieving) in to the digits of their business strategy and help them grow (sending information) their business.

Mission Statement

Help the local community to run their business more smoothly and transparent by providing them the cheap and secure e-solutions.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as best IT Company in Pakistan among the Muslim world.

Our Core Values

The HEART Principles of the Company on which our company based are:

  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Be Passionate and Determined
  • Deliver WOW Through Services
  • Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication